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Google Ads Agency in Málaga

Publicidad con Google Ads

Google Ads Advertising

We offer a reliable and low-cost advertising solution that opens new sales opportunities for your business. We guarantee the greatest return on investment (ROI) possible and we take care of creating the best campaign in Google Ads (formerly AdWords) and carry out its continuous management.

Google Ads is an Internet advertising platform that allows you to place the Your business website among the first positions of Google search results through Pay Per Click (PPC).
We optimize the investment so that you only pay for the searches and ads that really work.
At Óptima Creativos we have the necessary experience as Google Partners .
Resultados visibles del SEM

Comprehensive management of Google Adwords campaigns

Search and Display Network

Google ads is a fundamental piece in the customer acquisition strategy. We create conversion-oriented text and visual ads.

Google Shopping

The most direct and effective strategy to get your products to your audience. The best showcase for your boost the sales of your online store.


Customers never buy the first time, with a remarketing campaign you can re-impact as many times as necessary to multiply your conversions.

Increase your online sales
with Google Ads

Benefits of investing in Google Ads

Get a greater online presence for your business:

Google Ads ads give you visibility when someone searches for your products or services.

Short-term results:

While the fruits of other digital marketing strategies take time to appear, with Google Ads you can increase visits to your website shortly after your ads begin to appear.

Work your brand image:

Running advertising campaigns on Google focused on the name of your store or website will make more customers aware of your business and find it easily on the Internet.

Increase your customer base:

Reach more people every day by attracting them with your catalog and your offers at the right time.

Target the right audience:

Identify how your customers are and how they behave on your website to improve the results of your business with targeted ads and promotions.

Increase visits to your physical store:

With conversion tracking you can measure the new customers who have visited your business thanks to your ads on the Internet.

Attract people who are close to your business:

With Google Ads location extensions it is very easy for your customers to find your establishment and make their purchases.

Goal measurement:

Google Ads has multiple data and reports that will help you evaluate the profitability of your investment.

Encourage customer loyalty:

If a person is satisfied after buying what they want in your store through a Google Ads ad, it is likely that they will buy again. Turn potential customers into repeat customers.

Control over investment:

By setting a daily budget, you choose how much you spend on Google Ads. Also, you only pay when someone clicks on your ads. In our Google Ads Agency we will control the investment month by month.

Multiply your sales opportunities:

Your ads help you reach both people who are looking for information about your products and those who are ready to buy. Meeting the needs of the clientele is the basis of the success of an e-commerce.

Stand out from the competition:

Highlight what makes your company unique through attractive ads with relevant information about your items or services.

Post ads on different devices:

Your customers go a long way before buying from your store. Having your ads appear on mobile phones, computers or tablets increases the chances of obtaining customers and sales.

Our SEM Methodology


We carefully analyze the business and the viability of Google Ads for the company. We make sure that the ads are really effective, driving more sales at a reasonable cost.

Objectives and Strategy

We define with you objectives, expectations and the most appropriate budget for your sector. We design a SEM strategy tailored to your business from scratch.

Launch and Optimization

We launch the Google Ads campaign and deploy the strategy we have designed. We monitor the Google Ads account at all times to get the most out of it.


We will inform you of the progress of your account at all times. Adjusting Adwords campaigns to make them very profitable.

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