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Digital Marketing in Malaga

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At Óptima Creativos we design strategies for Digital Marketing to maximize the profitability and performance of your campaigns.
We provide our extensive experience in SEO, SEM , Social Ads, Google My Business etc Throughout the entire campaign we will ensure that the investment produces the best possible return.

SEO positioning

SEO is a method to obtain a better position in search engines. We work to improve the position of your website improving organic positions that help SEM strategies. You will increase the traffic and visibility of your online presence, increasing the sales of all your products.

We improve the positioning of your Web Page in Google increasing traffic in the medium and long term without constant investment.

Get a good SEO positioning and the reach that your product needs to boost your online store definitively and grow organically in search engines.

We analyze your website and we propose a short-term action plan that increases the visibility of your website, and will take it to the top of the search results on Google.

Advantages of SEO positioning

Google Ads Advertising

We offer a reliable and low-cost advertising solution that opens new sales opportunities for your business. We guarantee the greatest return on investment (ROI) possible and we take care of creating the best campaign in Google Ads (formerly AdWords) and carry out its continuous management.

Google Ads is an Internet advertising platform that allows you to place the Your business website among the first positions of Google search results through Pay Per Click (PPC).
We optimize the investment so that you only pay for the searches and ads that really work.
At Óptima Creativos we have the necessary experience as Google Partners .

Advantages of investing in Google Ads

Advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin

Need help with your social media marketing strategy?

We define together the commercial objectives and strategies of your business to make it known in the social networks that you decide yourself.

We carry out promotions aimed at your target audience and analyze the results to optimize the campaigns.

We will ensure that you have a direct and interactive relationship with your clients and that in this way you earn their trust and maximize the return on investment.

At Óptima Creativos we help you boost your brand in Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin.

Google My Business Optimization

Google My Business is a tool that allows us to maintain a presence , opening hours, company offers and also promote brand visibility and optimize local search results.

The local SEO supposes a considerable improvement in the classification of the web page within the results of Google for the locality in which it is located.

We improve our visibility in local search results and offer our customers a closer experience while attracting them to our business.

At Óptima Creativos we include the registration or modification of the record in GMB with each web page.

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